Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We offer Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction ( steam cleaning ) carpet cleaning. We choose this method as all the top carpet mills recommend and suggest this method as it offers the deepest clean, yet is gentle on the carpet fibers. We took this one step further, We equipped our vans with some of the largest most powerful machines on the market. Our 49 horsepower machines provide greater heat and maximum extraction! 

We drive well stocked modern well maintained vans. 

We use a truck mounted unit, The machine stays in the van outside of your house. Unlike a portable unit our machine exhausts to the outside of your home, reducing humidity and odors. 

In the case of having to move some of your furniture we will protect it during the drying process by placing your belonging on Styrofoam, or plastic disks.

We protect your home with corner guards, hose stabilizers.

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